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Shame like dirty pebbles

Kick them like a pro

Leaving a warm bed for

For the cold unknown

Gang of kids

Me and friend

He slips inside me slips a fence

No need to tell me how this ends

A soup of naked and quietness

And does this ever end?

Can i stop can i stop the want


been looking for the lyrics of this song for days and BAMM it’s on the official tumblr. and fuck slut shaming, it’s great :D


Paolo Fusco - Fiori 24h

Artist’s statement:

"Hardly anything is open 24h in Rome: a few bars, a few stores, self service gas stations and flower kiosks, a lot of flower kiosks. You can find them everywhere in the city and they never close. They never close. Their presence has always fascinated me, they seem like sentinels in the quiet roman night, small lighthouses populated by half-asleep immigrant workers. The photos were taken while wondering through the city in search of these islands of light and flowers."

(via sketchsparagodard)


"Like A Ghost" by grains in the rain (grains in the rain Creative Crisis remix)

the original song was written by me last year and performed with help from 14 people all over the world (check it out right here, it’s awesome :D) and now it’s remixed as a result of the creative crisis i’m getting through. originally “12 Months - 12 Remixes” was my attempt to fight such crises so that i’d make myself remix songs and you know… it works! no matter how crazy and weird the September entry for this year’s project is :P