Room Portraits by Menno Aden

Through challenging camera angles Menno Aden abstracts most familiar actual living environments and public interiors into flattened two-dimensional scale models. A camera that the artist installed on the ceiling of various rooms takes pictures downwards of the interiors. The resulting images lay out space in symmetrical compositions that look like assemblages stripped off any kind of objectivity. The views into private homes and secret retreats bring up associations of the ubiquitous observation camera. The notion of surveillance is systematically played out by the artist to hint at society’s voyeuristic urge that popular culture has made mainstream.

-Miriam Nöske

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Making your own kindle case



Hello everyone! Sooo many new followers, I’m amazed! Here’s the project I’ve been foreshadowing in my previous post - how to make your own kindle case! It’s taken me a week to make it and then about twice as much to get around finishing the tutorial, but finally, here it is. It works for whatever e-book reader you have that has the following measurements (152 x 102 x 8.6 mms).
It’s my first tutorial that requires a sewing machine, and it took me several days to figure it out and put it together and make it. Which is also a reason why the photography is not the best in this tutorial (and sewing terminology is also not something I’m the best at), but if there’s anything that’s not clear to you, do not hesitate to message me and I’ll try my best to explain right away.

Why bother with making this when it’s so much easier to buy one?
- It’s cheap. (I know there are some pretty cheap ones that you can buy, but I’m fairly sure this one is *still* cheaper.)
- It’s good practice if you’re new to sewing on a sewing machine.
- I designed this in a way so it can be machine washed.
- I also designed this keeping in mind that the elastics could get loose, so it has an interchangeable panel you can change if that happens!

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